Super Mario Bros. + Hungry Hungry Hippos = Hungry Hungry Koopas!

Donald Kennedy (aka Kodykoala) combined one of our favourite video games with one of our favorite childhood tabletop games. Look closely and you’ll see the game has been completely transformed. Turning each hungry hippo into a hungry Koopa Kid required 10 hours of labour. The entire customization process took Donald about 50 hours. And, just in case you’re wondering (because we sure were), the game is still completely playable. The whole thing was covered in multiple layers of clear coat to protect the paint job. Just be sure you’ve got some chiptunes queued up on the stereo.

Visit Donald’s Flickr page to view more photos of this awesome project. If you happen to be attening the El Paso Comic Con this weekend, you’ll have an opportunity to buy this wonderful custom creation. 

[via HiConsumption]