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This awesomely overindulgent edible behemoth is called the Ulti-Meatum. It’s a cheeseburger (complete with buns) inside another cheeseburger, sandwiched between two more cheeseburgers. It’s 10,000 calories worth of food on a single plate and it was created by Corinne Clarkson, owner of Mister Eaters Fish and Chips in Preston, Lancashire, England. Clarkson was inspired to create such an imposing tower of meat, cheese and bread after watching an episode of Regular Show on Cartoon Network.

Mrs. Clarkson freely admits that she hasn’t actually tried the Ulti-Meatum herself:

‘I couldn’t eat it – I haven’t even been tempted yet. It’s massive. There must be someone in the country who wants to try – and they’re more than welcome.’

She really means it too, the Ulti-Meatum is free to any customer able to finish it in one sitting. But if you’d rather break it up into ever-so-slightly more sensible portions, for £20 ($33 USD) Mrs. Clarkson’s husband John will happily prepare each section for you as a separate serving.

[via Design Taxi and Metro.co.uk]

This incredible Meat Horse was created by Columbus, Ohio-based artist and Instructables contributor AuTopsyTurvy. The life-size horse head is made of a wood and wire armature that was first wrapped in plaster bandaging and then covered in nearly $200 worth of mouthwatering bacon and prosciutto. Yum!

Click here to view a few more photos of AuTopsyTurvy’s meat-tastic equine.

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Plymouth,UK-based LEGO builder Nick Sweetman, aka MinifigNick, took a nifty vignette of a butcher’s shop that he’d built a couple years ago and transformed it into something awesomely weird. Using an amazing set of custom pig minifig heads and all sorts of macabre creativity, Nick reversed the roles in his shop so now cuts of minifig people are on sale and it’s the pigs who do the shopping and the serving. He calls it The Butchers Shop Revisited.

[via The Brothers Brick]

New York City-based photographer Klaus Enrique (previously featured here) created an awesome series of portraits entitled Arcimboldo. The series was inspired by the works of 16th century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who was best known for creating painted representations of people using things like fruits, vegetables, flowers, and fish arranged in such a way that the objects formed recognizable likenesses of his subjects.

Klaus Enrique does the same thing, only instead of painting his subjects, he arranges actual pieces of fruit, vegetables, flowers, meat, candy, animals, insects, and more to create his portraits. He began by recreating some of Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s paintings using the same objects depicted in the original paintings. Then he expanded his series to include portraits of modern day figures, both real and fictional, like Ghandi, Princess Diana, Darth Vader, and Frankenstein’s Monster.

He explained, “Although most recognize the images immediately as portraits, there are many people who do not. At first they only see the individual parts of the image: the fruits, flowers, and vegetables. But after looking at it for a while, they realize that it’s a portrait of a person. To see that thought process being played out in real time is very satisfying to me because it mimics the thinking behind the art: that simple organic objects come together to create something more meaningful than the sum of its parts.”

Visit Klaus Enrique’s website to view more examples of his surreal and fascinating artwork.

[via Design Taxi]

Jenn Fujikawa of That’s Nerdalicious! created the perfect DIY Christmas tree decoration for bacon lovers: a garland that’s made of nothing but mouthwatering black pepper bacon.

"If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “You know what my Christmas tree needs? MORE BACON,” then I have a solution for you – a Christmas garland made out of crispy, peppery bacon!

Just like the nostalgic paper rings you used to make as crafts when you were a kid, in this case I’ve substituted everyone’s favorite cured pork product.”

Click here for complete instructions.

There’s only one problem with this edible garland. We know our own passion for bacon well enough to know that we’d want to eat this delicious decoration before we’d even finished hanging it on the tree. But then you’d have an excuse to cook up even more bacon!

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]

The inimitable Charles Phoenix (previously featured here) is, among many other marvelous things, a master of cooking up kitschy cuisine. His latest creation is this incredible Christmas Meatloaf of Santa Claus.
Christmas just got a whole lot creepier, meatier, and, of course, tastier. We love it.
[via Charles Phoenix]

The inimitable Charles Phoenix (previously featured here) is, among many other marvelous things, a master of cooking up kitschy cuisine. His latest creation is this incredible Christmas Meatloaf of Santa Claus.

Christmas just got a whole lot creepier, meatier, and, of course, tastier. We love it.

[via Charles Phoenix]

When you’re wrapping presents this year you’ve got a big choice. Do you want to use Meat Wrapping Paper or Creepy Wrapping Paper. As you can see from the GIFs above, both are eye-popping. With Creepy you get Dental Work, Earwigs, Cockroaches and more. But, with meat you get Ground Beef, Corn Dogs, Olive Loaf and more. It’s too much of a decision.

Just buy them both by clicking here

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Nick from DudeFoods (previously featured here) is a bacon wizard. Everything he’s made using bacon has made our mouths water and this latest creation is no exception. Behold the dainty, decadent glory of Bacon Weave S’mores. They’re like traditional s’mores with one meaty exception: Instead of graham crackers, the melted chocolate and marshmallow are sandwiched between two heavenly pieces of woven bacon strips.

"I made each square the exact same size as half of a Hershey’s Chocolate bar, which as you can see from the photos ended up being three pieces of bacon by two pieces of bacon. Since I didn’t need full slices of bacon for the squares either I was able to create two complete squares from just five pieces of bacon by cutting each one in half first.

Since the chocolate and marshmallow melt so easily that if you make these you’ll want to make sure that your bacon weave squares are completely cooked before you add the two final ingredients. After adding the chocolate and marshmallow it was just a quick 30 seconds in the microwave until my Bacon Weave S’mores were ready to eat!”

Visit DudeFoods to learn more about this sensational snack.

As we’ve posted before, local Seattle grocery store chain Uwajimaya has some of the most talented butchers/sculptures in the world. Well, they’ve started a Tumblr called EpicGrinds to feature the work of their Meat Manager, Kieran Gormley. As you can see above, he has managed to depict everything from an American flag to Dragon Ball Z using ground meat as his medium. We challenge him to do the Archie McPhee Meat Parade!

Click here to see more EpicGrinds

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