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We love these digital papercraft renderings of classes NES games. Can you identify them all? They’re from a series entitled NEStalgia by Montreal-based digital artist and illustrator Steph Caskenette.

Prints are available here.

Visit Steph Caskenette’s Behance page to check out more of his artwork.

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It’s Classic Video Game Day on Geyser of Awesome!

We love finding examples of people doing awesomely creative things with stained glass, so we were delighted to encounter the wonderfully geeky work of self-taught stained glass artist Evan Daniels.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Evan’s magnificent windows feature some of our favourite characters from video games such as Metroid, Halo, and Mega Man, superheroes like Iron Man, My Little Pony characters, and even the occasional TARDIS. Head over to Evan’s Etsy shop, MartianGlassWorks, to see more.

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