First came the delightful Dirds (Dog-birds), followed by the marvelous Meowls (Cat-owls), today the Department of Awesome Animal Hybrids introduces us to another spectacularly surreal creature: Bears with Beaks.

From the Angry Eagoala and Panda Bearrot to the Sad Beargle and the Hungy Pelibear, these beaky bears are the product of the collective imagination and photoshop skills of a two-year-old subreddit called… wait for it… BearsWithBeaks. Thanksgiving just got a whole lot more interesting now that we know about the Wild Bearky.

Head over to BearsWithBeaks for many more examples of this hilarious, yet strangely touching hybrid species. Just don’t leave your fingers where they can nip them.

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io9 just drew our attention to not one, but two awesomelt amusing Tumblr sites: Slug Solos and Bass Dogs, both of which are curated by Michael M. As you can see from this selection of highlights, Slog Solos features guitarists playing their hearts out on gigantic slugs (and pairs well with a delicious Banana Slug Sucker). Over at Bass Dogs the bassists are keeping the groove going with unexpectedly musical canines held in place of their basses. Two more reasons we’re so very glad Teh Internets exist.

Follow them here on Tumblr at slugsolos and bassdogs. They both accept submissions too!

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German artist and freelance illustrator Oliver Wetter dramatically alters beautiful mid-19th century landscapes painted by artists from Hudson River School by digitally adding fearsome kaiju, giant robots and other pop culture elements such as Howl’s Moving Castle. It just takes one enormous monster to transform one of Albert Bierstadt’s idyllic landscapes into an awesomely terrifying scene. Our favorite piece is AT-AT Among The Sierra Nevada, a surprisingly tranquil scene featuring a wrecked AT-AT rusting and gathering moss while a herd of deer pause for a drink at its remaining feet.

Visit Oliver Wetter’s website to check out more of his artwork (warning: some of it’s slightly NSFW).

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Russian artist Svetlana Petrova has an awesome marmalade cat named Zarathustra whom she photoshops into famous works of art. No matter the renown of the artist or beauty of the subject matter, Zarathustra’s ample tabby frame immediately becomes the hilarious center of attention. He melts alongside Dalí’s clocks, cuddles up to Vermeer’s milkmaid, da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine and Mona Lisa, and even Whistler’s Mother. We particularly love his use of modesty tail whilst lounging in Edouard Manet’s Olympia and the tip of the tail positioned in place of Adam’s hand in Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam.

Petrova is currently exhibiting artwork at The Barn at Stonehill House, in Abingdon, Oxfordshire in a show entitled Russian Extremes – From Icons to I-Cats. The show runs through June 5, 2014.

Follow the ongoing high art hijinks of Zarathustra at Svetlana Petrova’s website, Fat Cat Art.

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Beards are awesome, they come in so many shapes, styles and colors. We even make a selection of fake beards for folks who can’t or simply don’t want to commit to growing a beard, but still want the fun and flair that comes with wearing one. And yet we’ve never seen beards quite like these critter whiskers.

This awesome photo series was created for Schick’s new “Free Your Skin” ad campaign. It was a collaborative effort by the Y&R New Zealand agency, human photographer Troy Goodall, animal photographer Stephen Stewart, and image production specialists Electric Art.

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In shelters all over the world there are always so very many awesome animals animals in need of adoption. Hungarian photographer and photo-manipulator Sarolta Bán has taken it upon herself to try to help find homes for some of them by starting a project called Help Dogs with Images. Sarolta put out the call on Facebook for photos of animals in need of adoption. She transforms those ordinary images into extraordinary scenes in effort to bring out the animals’ personalities and increase their visibility and appeal.

From the project page: “Sadly, abandoned dogs have really few chances to appear on a photo that will help them get out of the shelter - a photo that stands out from the crowd and ‘speaks’ to a person. I would really like to help sheltered animals…a good picture is worth a thousand words.”

As a sweet bonus, whoever adopts one of animals whose image Bán has photoshopped receives a print of the image she created.

My Modern Metropolis reports that the project is already working. Four of the first ten dogs whose photos were enhanced by Bàn have since found loving forever homes. This is an ongoing project, so if you know an animal in need of a home, you can upload it to Sarolta’s project page. You can also order a print of one of her project photos and $50 will be donated to the shelter hosting that particular animal. 

Click here to learn more.

[via My Modern Metropolis]

For even more rescue pet love, check out rescuepetsareawesome right here on Tumblr.