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This awesome Christmas tree can be found right here in Seattle. A clever and clearly quite playful gentleman named Patrick Kruger cut the top of his Christmas Tree and attached it to his roof, effectively creating the illusion that his tree had broken through the ceiling and roof of his home.

“I built the prop using a quarter sheet of plywood, sheathing and spare roofing tile,” said Kruger. “I then bought a 14-foot tree and cut the top 6 feet off and mounted it to the prop. The first attempt was blown off the roof, so I bolted it down with the help of my buddy, Scott Douglas.”

 Patrick Kruger, the Geyser of Awesome salutes you!

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This awesome swirling green rooftop was designed by CPG for Nanyang Technological University. The school sits in a wooded valley in Singapore. To minimize disturbance to the surrounding environment, the architect carved a habitat from the constraints of the valley and allowed the landscape to play an important role in moulding the building.

Aside from its visual impact, the turfed roof-scape helps to lower the temperature of the roof and surrounding areas. It works as both a functional space and a scenic outdoor community space. The roof top is easily accessible by steps along its edge. We’d like to go play up there.

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