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If you’re exceptionally fond of Transformers and wine and happen to have $7,000 to spend, then this might be the wine rack of your dreams.

Made entirely out of used transmission parts from automobiles and motorcycles, standing 6 feet tall, and weighting approximately 1000 lbs, and tricked out with some LEDs, this one-of-a-kind creation will hold up to 32 bottles of wine and intimidate anyone who even thinks about swiping one of them.

From the Craigslist ad:

For the discerning individual who appreciates artwork and wine - you now have a great opportunity to meld those together into one piece of artwork that will display your bottle collection like no other wine rack. This will make you the talk of your wine club, HOA, alcoholics anonymous support group, etc…

There are only several times in one’s life when one has the opportunity to purchase something that is RIDICULOUSLY COOL. This is one of those moments.

Any takers?

[via Geekologie]