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Dutch artist Femke Hiemstra (previously featured here) has a new exhibition of her wonderful paintings, featuring anthropomorphized animals and objects, opening at the Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle on Thursday August 7, 2014.

"The new works include painted and drawn stories about hypnotic wild boars, addicted ducks and Krampus on a weekday, just to name a few."

The awesome painting seen here is entitled Pooch Patrol and depicts two Scottie soldiers making the rounds inside weathered boots. It will also be part of the show, so if you’re in Seattle, this is clearly an event not to be missed.

The show runs through September 27, 2014 and also features the fantastic work of New York-based artist and illustrator Casey Weldon (previously featured here).

[via Femke Hiemstra]

All of us at Archie McPhee were so happy to see Weird Al Yankovic wearing our Amazing Hypno Glasses on the cover of The Seattle Times! Plus, his new album Mandatory Fun is amazing. Our only disappointment is that he has a song called Tacky and we aren’t mentioned. 

(Photo of Weird Al by Casey Curry/Invision/AP)

We had a blast at the first day of Emerald City Comic Con. We brought Mr. Bacon and Bigfoot for photo ops and we’re giving away FREE stickers. As you can see, even Spider-Man couldn’t resist taking a picture with Sasquatch. 

Also, we couldn’t resist posting some of our favorite costumes. The Vision and Scarlet Witch are wearing the costumes we wish were in the next Avengers movie. But, our absolute favorite of the day is the Joker/Harley Quinn mashup with The Big Lebowski. Why so, like, serious, man? 

If you’re attending the con, stop by our booth! We’re giving away free stickers!

If you’re going to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, be sure and stop by the Archie McPhee booth. You can get your picture taken with Bigfoot AND get a free “I Saw Bigfoot at Archie McPhee” sticker. Not only that, but we also have totally awesome Geyser of Awesome stickers available for you guys! We love you so much and want you to have these stickers. So, stop by, take a picture, buy a Unicorn Horn and grab some stickers! 

We’re in booth 2812 on the 3rd floor. Can’t wait to meet you.

If you aren’t in Seattle, which most of you aren’t, stay tuned. We’ll be mailing some stickers out in the near future.

Every year the awesome Archie McPhee store staff dress in different costumes each day for an entire week leading up to Halloween. Beginning with the Jeff as the Grumpy Cat and ending with Shana as a truly disturbing ventriloquist’s dummy, these photos are some of our favourites.

Be sure to check out Archie McPhee on Instagram to see them all.

Last Saturday, Oct. 18th, David George Gordon, The Bug Chef and author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook, paid a visit to the Archie McPhee store for an afternoon cooking demonstration. Brave Seattleites were invited to take a taste-test and experience the flavours and textures of Chef Gordon’s creepy-crawly cuisine.

Grasshopper Kabobs were served along with “Niblets & Cricklets” (what Chef Gordon calls cups of crickets and corn), Sonoran Desert scorpions in Scorpion Scaloppini, and Deep Fried Tarantulas. The Bug Chef says that fried tarantula is one of his tastiest dishes. You just have to remember to singe off all their little hairs before battering and frying them.

So, who’s hungry?

Click here to watch a brief video of the event. The reactions on the faces of our customers as they eat the bug dishes are priceless.

It’s Creepy Treats Day on Geyser of Awesome!

If you’re in Seattle on Saturday, October 19th, stop by the Archie McPhee store. We’re hosting an appearance by the one and only David George Gordon, The Bug Chef and author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook. Join us in Wallingford for a bug cooking demonstration from 12pm to 3pm. Who knows what sorts of creepy crawlies Chef Gordon will use to work his culinary wizardry. Come on over to find out and maybe even participate in a taste-test. There may be deep-fried tarantula legs, but we can’t promise anything.