London-based food artist Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art recently used nothing but cake decorations - miniature marshmallows and sprinkles - to recreate The Creation of Adam. She spent 168 hours and used 10,000 Cake Angels marshmallows and around half a billion cake sprinkles to complete her version of Michelangelo’s masterpiece. It measures 5.7 meters (18.7 ft) wide by 2.8 meters (9 ft) tall.

Set on plywood, the piece was first divided into grids and then Wibowo spent three days sketching the outline with pencil. While Michelangelo’s original painting was made with over 200 colors, Wibowo used just 24 different colored sprinkles to make her creation. The work is actually edible with the glue being made of a mixture of icing sugar, butter and vanilla frosting.

Michelle calls her sugary creation ‘The Baking of Adam' and it's currently on display at London’s St. Pancras Church as part of ongoing celebrations of the 450th anniversary of Michelangelo’s death in Rome at the age of 88.

Click here to watch a making-of video.

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"Mr. Jimmies" the Undead Doughnut or "Zoughnut" is a limited edition, hand painted, cast resin sculpture created by John Sumrow, an artist based in Albuquerque NM.

"Each one is meticulously hand painted by John, including all 102 sprinkles! Each figure is signed and numbered on the bottom. So, do you love to eat… and do you love zombies?!?! Well, this piece is perfect for you! Head on over HERE now and pick him up… what a cool figure!!!”

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Zombies + Doughnuts = Awesome!

Bruce Lowell’s LEGO Donut

This mouthwatering sculpture is the third of Bruce’s MOCs expanding upon the idea of the Lowell Sphere. (See also: Wienermobile and Cactus)

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, anything you create with LEGO bricks is called an “MOC”, which stands for “My Own Creation”. 

This MOC uses four 90° curves incorporated into a torus shape, which naturally comes through best as a confectionary doughnut (the kind you eat).

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Using a bit of secret software trickery, jewelry tweezers, double-sided tape, glue, epic mountains of patience, and…wait for it… over 221,000 candy sprinkles, Joel Brochu created this awesome pixelated mosaic of a rather cute beagle based on a photo originally taken by Shingo Uchiyama.

From start to finish, this bathing beagle took a total of 8 months to create. It was such a long process that Brochu almost gave up. “Halfway through, I was ready to abandon the project entirely. Looking at what remained to be done was daunting, but, at the same time I was dying to see the finished piece. I couldn’t stop. I had to finish it. I wouldn’t let myself give up no matter how much I wanted to.”

Astonishingly, Brochu only used 6 colors of sprinkles to create this 4-feet by 1 1/2-foot photorealistic piece. The final image is best viewed at a distance of 16 feet. In total, 221,184 nonpareils sprinkles were used. Amazing.

Head over to My Modern Metropolis to see more photos of the candy bathing beagle!