May the Force be with you and may your cookie jar never be empty.

These awesome Star Wars-themed sugar cookies were made by Jedi Master Baker Jessica at Compassionate Cake, a vegan bakery located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All of the geektastic cookie decorating is done by hand and possibly some Jedi mind trickery as well.

Visit the Compassionate Cake Facebook page to check out more of their delicious and beautifully-detailed baked goods. You can also order their cookies via their Etsy shop.

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Houston, TX-based artist Nikita DevilxKat Leigh of Midian Craftworks created this awesome stained glass Stormtrooper Helmet Table Lamp. Even Emperor Palpatine himself would be impressed with this life-size sculpture made of 521 pieces of hand-cut glass, copper foil, 5-6 lbs of solder and probably some blood, sweat and Jedi tears to boot.

"After the glass was cut, the edges were ground down and each piece was wrapped in copper foil. I then soldered the pieces together, gave the helmet a good cleaning, patinated the solder black, and finally gave everything a nice waxing to polish the metal and make the glass shine! This piece has also been signed and dated.

The helmet itself measures approximately 12 x 12 x12 (inches). Included with the table lamp is a wooden base and a 6 foot lamp cord with a candelabra snap-in socket, rocker switch, and bulb. 40 watt bulbs are the maximum recommended.”

Despite what the top photo depicts, this fantastic piece of home decor isn’t intended to be worn by live humans. It’s quite heavy and fragile, but it does make for an awesome portrait. Currently available for purchase here.

Visit the Midian Craftworks Etsy shop for more geektastic stained glass creations and other crafts perfect for your “Dark & Dork Side.”

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Think of a hobby, any hobby. No matter how strange, obscure or humdrum it is, chances are good there’s a club for people who share that interest or activity in common. Swiss photographers Ursula Sprecher and Andy Cortellini spent seven years traveling around Switzerland visiting sixty different clubs to create an awesomely fascinating series of staged portraits entitled Hobby Buddies.

Sprecher and Cortellini say that the images are dedicated to the “joy of pursuing a common cause or shared idea.”

For Sprecher, who had long had the idea for the project, working with the hobbyists was mutually inspiring. “We always felt like guests in their passion, and they were guests in our work,” she said. “Some people do something and spend time on their interest for many years. It’s very serious to work on something for that long.”

Here you see the Poodle Club, Star Wars Club, Hat, Piper-Smokers Club, Dintefisch Diving Club, Association of Scientific Preparators, Majorette & Show Dance Troupe, Butchers’ Friends Society, the Santa Claus Group, and the St. Brandan Scout Section.

Click here to view the entire series.

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This awesome Salacious B. Crumb purse was created by Astoria, New York-based artist Cat Penfold, who used her painting skills to give the leather purse a geektastic makeover. This excellent likeness of Jabba the Hutt’s naughty Kowakian monkey-lizard comes without the little jester’s shrill cackle. In fact, every time he opens his mouth, it’s only so that you can shove something into or pull something out of it, which sounds really cathartic.

This Salacious Crumb Purse is currently available here via Cat Penfold’s Knit One, Pearl Two Etsy shop.

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Markus1984 built this awesomely elaborate LEGO Steampunk AT-AT for round three of the MOC Madness 2014 Steam Wars competition. Because it’s part of an ongoing competition, Markus had only seven days to build this walker, which makes its many details that much more impressive. It even features two little minifigs hard at work stoking the engine. The walker appears to be a well-oiled machine from top to bottom, but that devoted crew is still doomed if the walker falls over.

Click here to check out more entries from the competition.

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Stare too long into the fiery eyes of this awesome Darth Vader wood-burning stove and you might start to hear the voice of Emperor Palpatine in your head. This geektastic appliance was created by Barnsley, England-based Instructables member doddieszoomer, which means that we can all learn how to make one too. It all starts with an empty propane tank and some scrap iron. Telepathy and psychokinesis are completely optional.

Click here for complete Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner build instructions.

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Toronto, Ontario-based artist David Irvine, of The Gnarled Branch, creates what he refers to as ‘Re-directed Paintings.’ He takes unremarkable paintings found in thrift store and flea markets and whimsically enhances them by strategically painting in pop culture characters and references. Old paintings that had been gathering dust and may well have ended up in a landfill are revived and transformed thanks to Irvine’s skilled and playful hand.

David Irvine sells his Re-directed Paintings as well as prints via Etsy, Society 6 and Red Bubble. He also accepts commissions.

Head over to The Gnarled Branch Facebook page to check out more of his cleverly altered paintings as well as lots of his other artwork.

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We can’t stop staring at this indescribably awesome AT-ST cat tree. It was made by Roxy’s Dream, a small Douglassville, PA-based company that creates high quality custom pet furniture. Their kitties really appear to be getting into the villainous spirit of chicken walker operation. Pew pew!

Visit the Roxy’s Dream Facebook page for more photos of this spectacularly geeky cat tree as well as many of their other custom pet furniture creations.


This awesomely cute and geeky video depicts a day in the life of a pet AT-AT. It was created in 2010 by Patrick Boivin, a self-taught French Canadian filmmaker who says, “When I was a kid, there are two things I wanted badly and never got… A real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker.” Here Boivin has taken care of both of those desires with “AT-AT Day Afternoon.”

Pet AT-ATs are a much smaller and decidedly more playful and cuddly breed than the sort that participated in the Battle of Hoth, although the little guys do appear to have it in for the squirrels. Also, should you consider adopting a pet AT-AT, be forewarned that their droppings are exceptionally, well, villainous.

Visit Patrick Boivin’s YouTube channel to check out more of his videos.

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British artist Shaun Hughes uses his engraving skills to create a wide variety of incredibly awesome hobo nickels. A couple months ago we shared his fantastic Storm Trooper Nickel. Today we share some more of his pop culture-inspired carved coins.

These pieces barely scratch the surface of the amount of artwork that Hughes produces. Be sure to visit his DeviantART gallery to check out more of his beautifully altered coinage.

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