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I scream, you scream, we all scream for awesomely overindulgent ice cream. This towering cone of soft serve temptation is offered by the Daily Chico restaurant in basement of the Nakano Broadway shopping mall in Tokyo. Eight different flavors sit atop an extra-large sugar cone, which only costs 390 yen ($3.60 US).

Starting from the top, there’s Tochi Otome strawberry, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, melon, grape, matcha green tea, and finally ramune (a popular type of Japanese fizzy cider).

However Daily Chico says that the flavor line-up will change periodically, so this doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime treat.

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We aren’t sure how it happened, but Godzilla appears to have gotten stuck while walking through the gardens of Tokyo Midtown. He’s only visible from about the waist up (Godzilla has a waist, right?) along with a portion of his tail. But at 6.6 meters (~22 feet) tall, he’s still an awesome sight to behold, even more so at night when the lights and smoke machines turn on. And then the spikes on back light up as well, as though a surge of electricity is traveling down them. So awesome!

This statue was built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original Godzilla as well as the Japanese release of the new Godzilla film. The King of the Monsters will be stuck in this Tokyo Midtown park until the end of August. So if you’ve ever wanted to give him a hug, now’s your chance.

Photos 1-3 by Héctor García, 4-6 by Zan Woo.

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World travelers Jürgen and Mike of For 91 Days recently visited an amazing temple in Setagaya, Tokyo. The Gōtoku-ji temple contains an awesome shrine dedicated to the Maneki-neko, or “Beckoning Cat”, a symbol of good luck and one of Japan’s most iconic images.

Setagaya is the setting of one of the Maneki-neko’s origin stories: It was there long ago that a wealthy feudal lord took shelter during a storm under a tree near Gōtoku-ji temple. “The lord saw the temple priest’s cat beckoning to him and followed; a moment later the tree was struck by lightning. The wealthy man became friends with the poor priest and the temple became prosperous. When the cat died, supposedly the first maneki-neko was made in his honor.”

"Worshipers at the Gotoku-ji often bring a Maneki Neko statue to leave for good luck. The result is a little surreal, with hundreds of cats sitting along a set of shelves outside a shrine. Except in size, they’re are all identical, exactly the same model with the same paw raised and the same beatific expression on their face.

The cat shrine is just one tiny section of the expansive Gotoku-ji temple, which, thanks to its location on the outskirts of the city, is usually very quiet.”

As you can see from these photos, there really are countless ceramic Maneki-neko figurines all over the place. To get an even better sense of just how densely populate the shrine is, check out Jürgen and Mike’s brief video panning across the grounds. There are also many more photos to be seen over at Tokyo For 91 Days.

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We’ve seen all sorts of awesome 3D latte art lately, but this is the first time we’ve encountered 3D cocktail art. These incredibly adorable adult beverages were all made at the Duke Capo bar in Tokyo. There the inventive bartenders use different sorts of cream, chocolate sauce and, of course, plenty of booze to create these kawaii cocktails.

Photos via IT Media.

Visit Kotaku for additional images.

Japanese Twitter user @KAGAYA_11949 captured these awesome images of a phenomenal bolt of lightning striking the Tokyo Skytree. With a height of 634 meters (2,080 ft), it’s Japan’s tallest structure and the tallest broadcasting tower in the world. The view from up there must be amazing, but we’d rather not be in there during a storm like this.

Photos via Nikken Sekkei and KAGAYA_11949

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Have you ever noticed that you never seem to have quite enough hangers? Today we learned about an astonishing explanation for that fact, that is, if you happen to live in Tokyo. Faced with a shortage of trees, the clever crows in Japan’s capital city have taken to pinching wire coat hangers from accessible apartments, lots and lots of hangers, and carefully assembling them into nests. Viewed from the ground, the wire nests look like avant-garde sculptural installations.

[via 22 Words and National Geographic]

We featured plenty of different miniature fake foods, but what about awesomely tiny food that’s actually edible? Japanese chef Hironori Ikeno works at a restaurant in the Nohachi district of Tokyo where he creates pieces of sushi that are so small, each piece of fish sits atop a single grain of rice.

It began as a joke with a customer, but ten years later Chef Ikeno offers seven different types of impossibly small sushi. Each piece of itty-bitty Nigirizushi weighs less than one gram and requires five minutes of preparation time (compared to the normal-sized versions, which require less than a minute to assemble).

Click here to watch a brief video demonstration of Chef Ikeno assembling his amazing single-grain sushi.

[via Foodiggity and First We Feast]

We’ve just found the parfait equivalent of the outrageously overindulgent bloody mary. This sweet triple-decker monstrosity is called the EST 48 (named after its towering height of 48-centimeters, which is 18.9 inches of sweetness) and it’s on the menu at Café Est! Est!, located in a shopping and dining complex in the heart of downtown Tokyo next to Shinjuku Station.

The café offers a wide assortment of outrageously over-the-top partfaits (some come topped with slices of cake), but the EST 48 is by far the most decadent of them all. It comes topped with not one, but two ice cream cones, both of which are covered with toppings and sprinkles.

"At the base, there’s a dish of vanilla ice cream ringed with strawberries, bananas, and Pocky sticks (plus imitation Corn Flakes, as is seemingly required by Japanese sundae regulations). On top of that there’s an ice cream cone with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Inserted into that is another ice cream cone, this time with strawberry sauce and more sprinkles. And finally, just to make sure the whole thing doesn’t visually disappoint by being too short, there’s an umbrella."

We can feel a brain freeze coming on simply by considering trying to eat the awesome EST 48.

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We love a Crazy Cat Lady here at the Geyser of Awesome, so it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Junko Suzuki. Ms. Suzuki lives in Tokyo and loves cats so much that, in addition to sharing her home with feline friends, she’s been collecting cat-related items for the past 40 years. She owns so many cat-related things, over 10,000 pieces, that she spent 2.5 years organizing her collection and turning her house into a cat museum.

Dubbed “Nyanyamoan” (にゃにゃもあん), the museum opened in 2012 and is located on the second floor of Suzuki’s house. Suzuki decided to create the museum because she thought it would be sad to just to pack away these faux cats she had acquired over the years. Creating a museum would be a good excuse to keep the items out.

Cat merchandise of all sorts, including plenty of Hello Kitty stuff, is neatly arranged on the floor, stacked on numerous shelves, displayed in cabinets and hung on the walls and ceiling. Items are themed to suit the room in which they’re displayed - so bath-related products are in the bathroom and so on. For a modest entrance fee, Suzuki personally guides visitors through her collection.

Visit Kotaku to view more photos of Junko Suzuki’s awesome cat collection.

Check out this awesome music video by Japanese performer and former martial artist Genki Sudo along with his pop band World Order. For their single “Welcome to TOKYO.” the group performed their signature slow-motion synchronized robotic dancing in the center of bustling street throughout Tokyo. Their captivating performance is made all the more mesmerizing because of the crowds of people all around them going about their business at normal speed.

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