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WebUrbanist assembled a impressive collection of the world’s 9 largest board games and they’re each awesome. In 1998 the makers of Scrabble celebrated the game’s 50th anniversary with a scrabble on a 900 square meter board at London’s Wembley Stadium. The letter tiles were made of reinforced fiberglass, measured 2 meters square and required team to 2 people to move them on the game board.

The Board Game Art Park in Philadelphia is a collaborative art installation created in 1996 by artists Daniel Martinez, Renee Petropoulis and Roger White. It featured gigantic fiberglass dominoes, chess, Parcheesi, and Monopoly pieces. Tiffany of Catch The Unicorn (wearing our Magical Unicorn Mask) clearly had a great time there.

The world’s largest game of Twister was played by scores of flexible folks at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival.

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[via WebUrbanist, Roadside America and Catch The Unicorn]