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Just in time for Halloween, we’re happy to introduce our new Eagle Mask and Eagle Talons. The Eagle Mask is perfect for everyday use freaking people out, but it’s also great at political events. Someone shook hands with the president wearing a Horse Mask, imagine shaking talons with the president wearing an Eagle Mask. 
America’s Got Talons!
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Just in time for Halloween, we’re happy to introduce our new Eagle Mask and Eagle Talons. The Eagle Mask is perfect for everyday use freaking people out, but it’s also great at political events. Someone shook hands with the president wearing a Horse Mask, imagine shaking talons with the president wearing an Eagle Mask. 

America’s Got Talons!

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"That’s no moon. It’s a space station."

We can’t decide what makes this stellar Star Wars-related cosplay more awesome: the phenomenal handmade Death Star Gown itself or the fact that it’s been accessorized with a Star Destroyer purse equipped to play Star Wars sound effects.

According to her husband Lady Death Star spent over 100 hours working on her spectacular gown. Everything was made by hand with the minor exceptions of the rank badge and the tin detail on her hat. The illuminated skirt weighs over 20 pounds. 10 pounds of that weight comes from the steel hoops that give the skirt its shape. There are also 12 D batteries powering 300 LED lights, and two skirts - an underskirt containing the steel hoops and the Death Star top skirt featuring roughly 900 foam tiles.

Visit Lady Death Star’s project blog for lots of process photos and to learn about how this fantastic gown was made.

Top photo taken by Undiscovered Photography at the Edmonton Expo.
Second photo taken by the 501st Legion at the Calgary Expo.

[via io9 and Fashionably Geek]

Berlin, Germany-based fine art photographer and psychologist Markus Studtmann takes striking architectural photos that he later digitally deconstructs and recomposes to create awesome architectural illusions. He describes this process as Painting with Light:

"Although light and colors are captured with the camera, they were afterwards repainted in the digital darkroom in order to fit the artist’s vision and impressions. This results in unique images which extend beyond the realm of the camera and often resemble paintings or graphics."

Head over to Markus Studtmann’s 500px page to check out more of his dramatic and surreal cityscapes.

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"To chap, or not to chap - that is the question…"

A question you can answer with our Shakespearean Lip Balm Set! You get Hamlet (with bonus piece of Yorick), Shakespeare and Macbeth (or as we call it: the Scottish balm). They are ready to make your mouth as moist as Desdemona’s hand in Act 3, Scene 4 of Othello.

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Japan is relentless in their efforts to incapacitate us with outrageously cute and singularly odd creations. First there were the Banana Bird capsule toys, then came the Bread dogs, and now - while we were already reaching for the smelling salts because of the previous two - they’ve gone and created Gashapon toy versions of the real-life sushi cats (“Neko-Sushi”) that we featured here last year.

Such an awesomely powerful combination of weird and cute may cause a disturbance in the Force. They’re certainly making it difficult for us to think about pretty much anything else. Although we are also suddenly craving sushi for lunch…

Head over to RocketNews24 for additional photos.

This awesomely freaky Face Bank is one of those things you may want to put away or at least turn to face it away from you at night before you turn out the lights and go to sleep. It’s a battery-powered robotic coin-eating bank whose creepy face eagerly gobbles up your coins, but probably plans to start feasting on your soul as soon as you’ve run out of change.

"It’s hard to resist saving your change with this unique piggy bank. Wave some money in front of his face to hear his stomach grumble. Put a coin in his mouth and he’ll noisily gobble up it up, thanking you with a loud burp."

The nightmarish Face Bank comes in original size, “Big Size”, textured, and Face Bank 2, which features a large nose instead of eyes. No matter which version you own, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the bank may try to bite off your fingers the moment you decide to retrieve your saved coins.

[via Laughing Squid]

Source Laughing Squid

Lithuanian artist and craftsman Vainius Kubilius transforms coconut shells into radiant jewels that cast dazzling patterns of light and shadow in every direction. Kubilius’ awesome handmade lamps are called Nymphs and each one is unique. Made of coconut, cork and suede, they have a wonderfully organic feel.

To create his illuminated coconuts, Kubilius carefully shaves and waxes each hollowed out shell. Then comes the painstaking process of drilling thousands of holes in intricate patterns, much like the amazing eggshell art we’ve featured here in the past. The lamp stands are wrapped in layers of suede and varnished cork.

Kubilius makes each lamp by hand in Vilnius, Lithuania, but something tells us that if you found the right map hidden in the false bottom of an old trunk at that one flea market, it might lead you to the secret grove where these radiant creatures grow. And when you aren’t looking they communicate with each other by intertwining their bodies and moving their coconut shell heads to alter the patterns and intensity of light and shadow. It’s just a hunch.

Visit the Nymphs Workshop website, Facebook page or Etsy shop to check out more of Vanius Kubilius’ enchanting Nymph lamps.

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Looking for a gift for a friend who has been depressed or unmotivated? Give them the Emergency Self-Esteem Kit. That’s right, nothing makes grumps happy faster than attention and gifts! This kit contains everything you need to rebuild a damaged psyche including a trophy you can give yourself, stickers, a book of affirmations and gold stars. You probably feel better just reading about it.

Buy one here!

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It’s high time we inaugurated the Department of Awesome Papercraft. We’ll cut the big red ribbon with these exquisite insects made of reclaimed paper. They were created for the IGEPA Benelux paper company by Soon, a Belgium-based ad agency.

The beautifully detailed bugs are part of a graphic language used in a brochure announcing a new brand of recycled paper. They were created by graphic designers Phoebe De Corte and Dries Caeckebeke, led by creative director Jim Van Raemdonck.

Click here for a making-of video to see just how much work went into creating these lovely paper critters.

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Today the Departments of Awesome Parenting and Impossible Cuteness met to squee in delight at the outrageously adorable and elaborate charaben (character bento) lunches created by Li Ming, Singapore-based mother of two lucky sons. Ming began making these exceptional midday meals when her eldest son, 10-year-old Ivan Tey, was having a hard time adjusting to starting school:

'He refused to go to school and cried everyday - he was not used to the longer hours and missed me. I packed him charabens with written messages to make him feel more secure.”

It wasn’t long before her youngest son, Lucas Tey, started asking for special lunches too:

"Lucas saw one of them and asked for one to take to kindergarten and he really enjoyed the attention he got from his teachers and friends. I ended up decorating either their lunch or dinner instead and they eat those at home. They still enjoy looking at what I make and will give comments at times on how I can position certain parts."

Li Ming has now made over 100 delightful charaben meals for her sons. Sometimes her inspiration comes from everyday life and other times share uses ideas suggested by her kids.

Visit Li Ming’s Flickr stream to check out many more of her amazing bento creations.

[via Demilked and The Daily Mail]