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This wonderfully sinister Coppelius Chair has us wishing that Halloween was already here. It was designed Yaara Derkel, inspired by Sigmund Freud’s concept of the uncanny, uncomfortable strangeness that arises when when something familiar seems unsettlingly alien at the same time.

At a glance it simply looks like a handsome chair, a variation of Thonet furniture design.

"However, at a certain hour of the day, when the room is lit, an inexplicable, monstrous projection appears, which symbolically ‘overshadows’ the feelings the original chair provokes."

Head over to designboom to learn more about Yaara Derkel’s design for this delightfully disquieting chair.

We’ve all become locked into staring contests with these awesome paintings by Taiwanese artist Chang Chia-Ying. Really, we can’t look away.

"Her Russian doll-like portraits of animals and chubby children stare into the distance with hollow, glazed over expressions on their faces. Likewise, the viewer is invited to look through them; their torsos are a window into an alternate reality. They are surrounded by mysterious fairytale gardens, inspired by the cartoons Chia-Ying watched as a child."

Less talk, more staring contests with mesmerizing painted monkeys! You may need to come help us look away or at least bring over some snacks and join in. If enough of us stare back at these beguiling characters, one of them is sure to blink soon. Right?

Visit Chang Chia-Ying’s website to check out more of her dreamy, hypnotic paintings.

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We got to visit two of our favorite people at the Espionage Cosmetics booth during Comicon, Anne Wheaton and Bonnie Burton. They were promoting their new line of VandalEyes nail wraps. Anne and Bonnie are devoted to personifying the world with Googly Eyes and the results of their mischief are all over Twitter and Tumblr.

You can now VandalEyes your own nails! (Some even glow in the dark!)

If you’re in Seattle today, you can visit them from 12PM-3PM at their booth. If you aren’t, you can get your googly nail wraps here and your very own VandalEyes t-shirt here!

If it weren’t for the color pencils placed beside these incredible drawings, it would be all too easy to assume you were looking at macro photos. These awesome hyperrealistic eyes are the work of Texas-based graffiti artist and illustrator Redosking. The longer we look at them, the more we have to refer back to the color pencils to remind ourselves that they really are flat illustrations.

Check out more of Redosking’s impressive artwork by following him on Facebook or Instagram.

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We’ve featured all sorts of unbelievably convincing examples of photorealistic art, but Pennsylvania-based artist Joshua Suda takes the deception even further. His paintings aren’t just awesomely photorealistic, they also break the fourth wall.

Suda’s subjects peer out from behind frames or through torn sheets of paper or cardboard with the confines of the painting’s actual frame. Beautifully rendered hands reach out and half-hidden faces make eye contact with the viewer, “pushing us to question the boundaries between art and ‘real” life.”

Visit Joshua Suda’s website to check out more of his astonishing artwork.

[via Vectro Ave and Artistaday]

After this moment you may never look at a bicycle seat the same way again. Entitled Bite It and Pink Eye, these awesome, imaginative ‘bike seat sculptures’ were created by Canadian designer Clem Chen using recycled bike seats.

They were made by carving out openings in the seats’ covers and inserting a plastic-cast snarling taxidermy mouth in one and a staring blue eye in the other.

"The parts are held together with construction adhesive and 2-part epoxy glue, making the intimidating look durable, with additional sculpting done using epoxy putty. Achieving an intimidatingly real-life look, details were painted in acrylic, while the body was given a matte-black spray finish."

Clem Chen exhibited his impressively creepy bike seats at the Saddle-up! show in Vancouver, BC at the Hot Art Wet City Gallery. They’re both amazing, but we suggest you try not to think about them too much the next time you’re actually riding a bike.

[via designboom]

Polish photographer Ireneusz Irass Waledzik uses macro photography to beautifully reveal the awesomely complex and colorful anatomy of insects, in this case their amazing compound eyes.

"I love macro photography, I spend a lot of time at it. The different shapes of insects’ eyes fascinates me. These bugs are bling and it must be so important to them to show bright and colourful markings; they might be small but they have a big impact. I want to show the world the amazing insects unnoticed to the naked eye."

Visit Ireneusz Irass Waledzik’s 500px page to check out lots more of his marvelous macro photography.

[via Telegraph.co.uk]

"Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get those peepers?"

For a project entitled Your Beautiful Eyes, Armenian physics teacher and photographer Suren Manvelyan (previously featured here) used his students, colleagues and friends as models for his awesome series of close-up ocular portraits. When viewed up close the anatomy of the human eye suddenly appears incredibly alien and unfamiliar. The longer you look at each photo, exploring its unique textures and colors, the less it feels like you’re looking at a human eye.

Manvelyan says, ‘It is quite natural when you shoot macro shots of insects and plants, but to try to make a picture of the eye? I did not expect these results.I was not aware they are of such complicated appearance. Everyday we see hundreds of eyes but do not even suspect they have such beautiful structure, like surfaces of unknown planets.’

If you’re wondering how Manvelyan creates these marvelous images, so are we. He says the process is a closely-guarded secret. But even if we can’t find out how he does it, we can still see plenty more of his work over at Suren Manvelyan’s website.

[via My Modern Metropolis, Bored Panda and Dailymail.co.uk]

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