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Beijing-based photographer and performance artist Li Wei (previously featured here) doesn’t use any photo manipulation trickery to create awesome self-portraits like these astronaut shots. Instead he relies on carefully placed wires and a finely-tuned sense of balance. 

Visit My Modern Metropolis to view more of Li Wei’s playful photography. 

The Frequency Moth by Mark Oliver The Lamp Fly by Mark Oliver The Conductor Bug by Mark Oliver The Weeping Beetle by Mark Oliver The Brake Bug by Mark Oliver The Cerebellar Bug by Mark Oliver The Prophet Moth by Mark Oliver The Muscle Bug by Mark Oliver

British artist Mark Oliver created an awesome series of insect collages new species of insect called The Litter Bug:

Arthropod sub-species of the Insecta class. A creature whose instinctual and physical qualities have adapted so uniquely to the modern urban environment that it has rendered itself, by nature of camouflage, virtually invisible in it’s normal habitat. When seen in isolation ‘Litter Bugs’ appear to be composed of everyday ‘found’ objects.”

Mark’s beautiful Litter Bugs are made using materials like eyeglasses arms for antennae, clock hands for legs, and covers and pages from books that form delicate wings and carapaces. There are plenty of tiny gears, carefully cut-up tin boxes, fuses, and other beautiful old objects as well. 

Each specimen has its own common and scientific names, both of which are based on some of the objects from which a particular creature has been composed. All of the insects are gathered in two beautiful zoological posters entitled A Compendium of Carabid & Terrestrial Detritus and A Treasury of Winged Insectum & Metamorphosibus.

Visit thelitterbug.com or Mark Oliver’s flickr account to view more of his wonderful entomological creations discoveries.

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The Adventures of Mr. Fly is an awesome series of macro photographs featuring a dead fly posed trying his hand at a variety of activities normally associated with people, not insects. Mr. Fly skateboards, rides a bicycle, plays musical instruments, builds a snowman, sunbathes, and even has a go at flying a kite. The photos were posed and shot by artist and photographer Nicholas Hendrickx, who clearly has great appreciation for the awesomeness of tiny things

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