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It’s just like your parents always told you—you are special. But, if that’s true, where are your paparazzi and clingy fans? It’s time for you to take command of your destiny. This set of five hard vinyl You’re The Star figures is the adoring public you so richly deserve.  They’ll watch you brush your teeth, wait for you to get home from work and hang around outside of any event you go to. In fact, occasionally you’ll want to yell at them, but don’t do it. You don’t want to be featured on TMZ.

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We are going to start sharing some of the most inspirational (and weirdest) books in the Archie McPhee library with you. The first is Cheap Laffs by Mark Newgarden [Buy it on Amazon for cheap!]. Mark Newgarden is a great cartoonist who, among other things, created the Garbage Pail Kids. In this book he gives a short history of novelties and then shows some of his favorites. Particularly fun are his sarcastic “notes” on each product. He write about the Dazzle Eyes pictured above: 

The point of purchase copy, “Personality Specs………the life of the party!” is particularly vague, suggesting that an individual with no personality could acquire one herein for pronto party deployment, or, worse still, that this inanimate object itself has inherently more life and personality than any aspect of the sort of parties the unfortunate consumer could ever hope to attend. 

Filled with dazzling pictures and comedic commentary, it’s a must for any weirdo’s bookshelf. 

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Leave it to Japan to demonstrate an exceptionally awesome way to liven up our morning commute. This 15-second commerical for Fit’s LINK chewing gum depicts a businessman being aided in his morning commute by a giant cat. It’s the urban business version of the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro.

Click here to watch the short commercial.

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Storyboard artist and scribbler Marty Cooper uses sharpies and white out to draw mischievous cartoon characters on transparent film, which enables him to pose and photograph them interacting with the real world in all sorts of unexpected ways. By playing with perspective Cooper’s drawings sometimes appear to be both giant - like the polar bear scratching his back on the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco - and tiny - like an anthropomorphic banana hitching a ride on a llama.

Check out lots more of Marty Cooper’s playful creations by following him here on Tumblr or over on Instagram.

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