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Colossal, the Department of Incredible Insects recently encountered more photos of the fascinating work of French artist Hubert Duprat and his industrious Caddisflies (previously featured here).

"Right now, in almost every river in the world, some 12,000 different species of caddisfly larvae wriggle and crawl through sediment, twigs, and rocks in an attempt to build temporary aquatic cocoons. To do this, the small, slow-moving creatures excrete silk from salivary glands near their mouths which they use like mortar to stick together almost every available material into a cozy tube. A few weeks later a fully developed caddisfly emerges and almost immediately flies away."

Since the 1980s Duprat has been collecting caddisfly larvae from their normal environments and transporting them to aquariums in his studio. There he gently removes their own natural cocoons and puts the larvae in tanks filled with materials such as pearls, beads, opals, turquoise and pieces of 18-karat gold. The insects still do exactly what comes naturally to them, but in doing so they create exquisite gilded sculptures that they temporarily call home. If you saw them out of context, you’d never guess they’d been created insects.

Visit Colossal for additional images and video of Hubert Duprat discussing these amazing insects and their shiny, shiny creations.

Bigfoot Ornament - In search of the perfect Christmas Ornament? If there’s one thing Bigfoot knows, it’s how to use pine trees as camouflage. So, we recommend you hide this ornament on your Christmas tree and then have a contest to see who can find him first. He can also stand on his own if you’re not into that whole “hanging” thing, man.
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Bigfoot Ornament - In search of the perfect Christmas Ornament? If there’s one thing Bigfoot knows, it’s how to use pine trees as camouflage. So, we recommend you hide this ornament on your Christmas tree and then have a contest to see who can find him first. He can also stand on his own if you’re not into that whole “hanging” thing, man.

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Turkish multimedia artist Erdal Inci experiments with cloned motion in video to create awesomely hypnotic looping videos and gifs of himself moving through public spaces, sometimes carrying lights or other objects. Depending on the exposure, Inci sometimes appears to be no more than a shadow or isn’t visible at all, making his videos even more mysterious and dreamlike.

He states: “I realized that if you clone a recorded performance contiguously it will become perpetual. So that you can see all the time phases of the same performance in a small amount of time like 1 or 2 seconds. This gives you the chance of thinking like a choreographer with a mass crew or painter who fills its frame not in forms and colour but motion. At this point I could tell I am inspired by patterns in traditional arts & crafts , dance and repetition. Motion, performance and real environments are the outlines of the work.”

Check out more of Erdal Inci’s mesmerizing video art (and at much higher resolution) over on Vimeo, Facebook or Instagram.

[via Colossal and iGNANT]

Coloring Contest!

Want to win a Bigfoot Prize Pack that includes a Dress-Up Bigfoot, a Bigfoot Action Figure and Bigfoot Air Freshener? Just color (or Photoshop or finger paint or whatever) the picture above so that we can figure out what Bigfoot is dreaming about and post it to your tumblr with the hashtag #bigfootdream and a link to the Super Awesome Coloring Book! Let your imagination run wild! 

We will be reblogging our favorites throughout the week and will constantly be searching for that hashtag, so don’t forget it! #bigfootdream

Prize must be sent to a US address. Contest will end 9AM PST on Friday, August 8th. If you enter, please make sure there is some way to contact you!

Super Awesome Coloring Book - Sometimes being an adult feels a little black and white. The weight of responsibility can make you lose sight of how amazing the world is and you need a charge of colorful SUPER AWESOME! That’s where the Super Awesome Coloring Book comes in. This is just like the coloring books you remember from when you were a kid… except super awesome! Featured pictures include Bigfoot, hypnotism, Abraham Lincoln and many more.

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The Existential Coloring Book is packed to the gills with animal-people paired with dark quotes from philosophers and other people worried about the essential dark unknowability of the universe. Also, activities! From an existential connect-the-dots to a page where you can draw what Kierkegaard is thinking about, you’ll being sighing with joy as you work on them. This looks like a coloring book for kids, but it’s probably not a good idea to give it to one. This twenty-four page, 8” x 10-1/4” book is a great gift for philosophy majors or anyone else overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness. Features quotes from existential thinkers, mysterious pictures to color and mildly depressing activities.

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We know it’s hard to look away, but the Department of Awesome Optical Illusions warns you not to spend too long looking at these incredibly hypnotic and often outright dizzying images. They were all created by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a Professor of Psychology at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan. He first won acclaim in 2003 for his Rotating Snakes peripheral drift illusion.

"Studying visual perception, visual illusion, optical illusion, trompe l’oeil, and 3D, Kitaoka regularly creates incredible psychedelic patterns and illusion artworks, optical illusions that give the impression of images in motion."

You can check out many more of Akiyoshi Kitaoka’s mesmerizing optical illusions on his website. Some of them are actually preceded by warnings that looking at them may induce nausea. We weren’t kidding about the dizziness. 

[via Juxtapoz]

Today the Department of Awesome Anamorphic Artwork presents a new piece by French artist Bernard Pras (previously featured here). It’s an anamorphic assemblage portrait of Ferdinand Cheval, a French postman who, starting in April 1879, spent thirty-three years of his life building Le Palais idéal (the “Ideal Palace”) in Hauterives in southeastern France.

The palace is regarded as an extraordinary example of naïve art architecture. And it’s where Pras’ portrait of Cheval is currently on display. We’ve included a photo of the Cheval himself (see above) to help illustrate how accurate this piece is. It was constructed using objects found around the palace itself and is actually much larger than it first appears.

Click here for a short video to get an even better look at this remarkable installation.

[via Junkculture and boredpanda]

These strangely hypnotic gifs are the work of Dundee, Scotland-based illustrator Sam Lyon. He calls them Jelly Gummies. There’s something about these fleshy, pulsating, amorphous creatures - a combination of anthropomorphism, creepiness, and our inexplicable suspicion that they’d be both fun to chew on and pleasing to taste - that makes them awesome.

You can find more of Lyon’s perpetually mutating Jelly Gummies right here on Tumblr at jellygummies. He also has a Jelly Gummies Etsy shop, just in case you’d like to invite some of this wonderfully squishy weirdness into your home.

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