Montreal-based French filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet created this wonderful stop-motion animated short entitled “A Girl Named Elastica”, which uses thumbtacks, rubber bands, and construction paper on a cork bulletin board to tell the story of a fearless girl who leaves home in pursuit of adventure.

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Some people link paperclips together to create decorative garlands, some people simply use them to keep papers together, but Italian artist Pietro D’Angelo uses paperclips, lots and lots of paperclips to create awesome figurative sculptures.

"D’Angelo utilizes the malleable material’s flexibility while managing to often retain its unique shape and signature pattern. He cleverly links the paperclips to one another tightly or loosely, depending on the form and material he is simulating."

Visit My Modern Metropolis to view more of Pietro D’Angelo’s playful paperclip sculptures.

Look closely, this colourful chair is made entirely out of rubber bands - 65,000 rubber bands to be precise. It’s the work of Cleveland-based industrial designer Preston Moeller.

Inspired by a friend who suggested that he should use office supplies to make something ‘truly unique’, Moeller spent over $200 and 336 hours to create his one-of-a-kind chair.

“It almost looks like a fun toy that has been enlarged to a human scale where the user is sitting in a giant toy,” said Moeller. “But though it may look like it is all for fun it also happens to be very comfortable. The back is made from rubber bands weaved within themselves to create a springy sitting area that softly holds the user.”

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Colombian designer Rodrigo Torres created this incredibly awesome chrome-plated, beaver-shaped pencil sharper and paperweight as part of Maison et Objet 2013 for Alessi. It is quite possibly the most elegant little silver beaver we’ve ever seen. He gnaws on your pencils, sharpening them so you might use them whilst feeding his own endless chewing habit. Cute and wonderfully functional. We love it and hope they’ll be available for purchase very soon.

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