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If anything else is as awesomely terrifying as this over-sized model of David Hasselhoff dressed in red lifeguard swimming trunks à la Baywatch, we’re not sure we can handle it. And yet we can’t stop staring at these images.

This disturbingly life-like yet oh-so-wrong prop is just one piece of a selection of memorabilia that The Hoff is selling in an extensive Hollywood Legends auction taking place in Beverly Hills on April 11, 2014. Click here for the full catalog.

The starting bid for this amazing piece of celebrity nightmare fuel is $10,000. How much do you want it?

Head over to Blazenfluff for additional details and even *shudder* video footage.

"A few days before April 1, 2007, Dan Baines, a 31-year-old illusion designer for magicians from London, posted on his website images of the “corpse” of an unknown eight-inch creation. The unusual corpse was claimed to be the mummified remains of a fairy which was discovered by a dog walker at Firestone Hill in Duffield, Derbyshire. The remains, as shown in the pictures, were complete with ears, wings, hair, skin, and teeth, and were claimed to ‘have been examined by anthropologists and forensic experts who can confirm the body is genuine’. According to the website, X-rays of the ‘fairy’ showed that its body’s structure was the same as that of a child. The bones, however, were described to be ‘hollow like those of a bird, making them particularly light.’

In spite of the coming of April Fool’s Day, the website received feedback from a large number of fairy believers, accumulating over 20,000 hits in one day. On April 1st, Baines appended a note to the website, thanking the readers for expressing their interest in his story and acknowledging that the fairy corpse was fake. He wrote: “Even if you believe in fairies, as I personally do, there will always have been an element of doubt in your mind that would suggest the remains are a hoax. However, the magic created by the possibility of the fairy being real is something you will remember for the rest of your life.” Subsequently, Baines listed the mummified fairy on eBay and the model attracted nearly 40 bids. The highest at the close of the sale was made by a private art collector in the United States and the fairy was sold for £280.”

As you might imagine, there is even a page on Snopes devoted to debunking Derbyshire Fairy. Well played Dan, well played. The Geyser of Awesome salutes you!

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